Author:James Nessel
Course:EEE 460
Date:Spring 2002


This webpage was put together as part of a project for EEE 460, Nuclear Concepts for the 21st Century, an electrical engineering course at Arizona State University.  As the title suggests, I hope to educate the reader of current theoretical fusion reactor designs, highlighting that of the Z-Machine at Sandia National Laboratories and the physics that make it possible.

The Z-Machine is the latest attempt by the researchers at Sandia National Laboratories to create an inertial confinement fusion reactor, which utilizies X-rays and a pulsed power system to create the necessary conditions to implode a hydrogen fuel pellet.  Before investigating this idea, though, it is important for us to look at where current designs are headed and what they are trying to accomplish in New Mexico.


        1.  Magnetic Confinement Fusion

        2.  Inertial Confinement Fusion

        3.  Pulsed Power Systems

        4.  The Z-Pinch

        5.  The Z-Machine

        6.   References