EEE 463 - Electrical Power Plants

New In addition to the on-campus class section, this course is offered regularly via the Internet. For information on registering for the online section (EEE 591), see the Fulton GOEE Engineering Online.

ASU Catalog Description:

Generation of electric power using fossil, nuclear and renewable, including solar, geothermal, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and ocean, energy sources. Power plant thermal cycle analysis. Cogeneration and combined cycles. Economics, operations, and design of electric power stations. Energy storage. Pre-requisites: CHM 114 or 116 [chemistry]; MAE 240 or PHY 241 [thermodynamics]; and MAT 274 or 275 [differential equations].

Course Objectives: Provide students with a broad understanding of electricity generation.

The corresponding Course Outcomes are

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Energy Sources Environment Government
Power Generation State of Arizona Utilities

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