EEE 489 (formerly 490)

Electrical Engineering Senior Design Prize - Past Winners

Semester Project Students Technical Advisor
Spring 2004 Autonomous Robot Feedback and Control System Russell Mason, Keith Oania, Rajul Shah, Bojan Mihajlovic K. Tsakalis
Fall 2003 Biological Impulse Generator Theodore N. Bright, Jeffrey W. Cannady, David A. Johnson, Peter R. Pelletier G. Karady
Spring 2003 Scintillating Fiber Optic Radiation Detector Jon W. Loughboro, John J. Sanders, Danielle A. Sucher, Trung T. Tang K. Holbert
Fall 2002 Iridium Data Inverse Multiplexer Project Visar Berisha, Damien Budge, Gerald Dicunzolo, Frank Kaderabek G. Abousleman
Spring 2002 The Ranging System for Vehicle Platooning Ricardo Arvizu, Nevida Jack, David R. Mix, Melissa Santa Cru A. A. Rodriguez
Fall 2001 No winner due to change from 490 to 488+489 sequence.
Spring 2001 Computer-Controlled Medicine Dispenser Damion Fields, Paul Prentis, Jin Xu, Mark Zawadzki W. Higgins
Fall 2000 42Vdc to 14Vdc Bi-directional Converter for the Architecture of Future Automobiles Robert A. Chavez, Lawrence Dovala, Casey O'Dell R. Ayyanar
Spring 2000 Electronic Anemometer Matthew Lowry, Jessica Mayette, Eric C. Tang, Harold Yee G. T. Heydt
Fall 1999 Autonomous Robotic Vehicle (ROVER) James DeFalco, Christopher Hornberg, Elizabeth Olivanti, Andrew Pitts, Bryan Preble A. A. Rodriguez
Spring 1999 Video Special Effects Generator Kenneth M. Matthews, Jerry Roush, Conrad Rustenburg N. Tarleton
Fall 1998 Telephone Number Voice Synthesizer for the Blind Jassim Almarzouqi, Mohsen Ekhlassi, Stephen Keith Jones E. Greeneich
Spring 1998 Ball and Beam Control System Kiyong Choi, Mark G. Hunt, Chen-I Lim, Richard Randolph A. A. Rodriguez

Last updated: May 10, 2004