Integrating Electrical Engineering Applications - College Level

Resources and ideas for integrating electrical engineering applications into other college-level courses are described below.


Comparative Currents and Voltages
Phenomenon Current (Amps) Phenomenon Voltage (Volts)
Lightning bolt 10,000 Lightning 108
Common household appliance 5 - 10 Static electricity 30,000
Causes ventricular fibrillation
(fatal to humans)
0.1 Residential wiring (U.S.) 110
Threshold of human sensation 10-3 (1 mA) Electrocardiogram (EKG) 10-3 (1 mV)
Nerve cell in brain (synaptic current) 10-13 Electroencephalography (EEG) 10-5



General examples

Math use in technology table (web link)

A general reference that provides a table of how math is used in several technology areas is available from the Math Department at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (Canada). Included in their table are several Electrical Examples, including:

They have also been kind enough to provide some background theory on a few of the electrical circuits principles used in these examples, including:

ASU Math Dept (web link)

Professor Matthias Kawski at ASU has developed a lot of useful tools. A sampling of these is described below:


Laboratory Experiments

Agilent (Hewlett Packard) has an Educator's Corner website which has resources for engineering educators. The site includes:

ASU Department of Electrical Engineering
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